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Why Do We Get Sick? Why Do We Get Better? a Wellness Detective Manual

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No matter what you're told, what you've got, or how bad it gets, never feel helpless about your health again. This book presents a workable model for how the different parts of you, physical, emotional and the deeper parts, interact with each other and how, when they are out of sync, cause symptoms. A model that will work for you for everything from the smallest pain to terminal illness.
"This book is remarkable. Not only is it a succinct summary on how to become your own wellness detective, it is also easy to read and humorous. With deep insight, it equips the user with a wellness model that they can use to monitor their health, and improve it. This book gave me sudden insight into the sources of my personal health issues, and has put me on the track to recovery."
WJ Kington - Brisbane.
"Dear John, I want to thank you for the workshop and your book both of which precipitated a shift in my energy. I have for the last year or more been facing a big lump of self-doubt in me which seemed to expand and infiltrate into many areas of my life, especially work. I read your book through and answered the questions and about a week later, there was a sudden energetic shift in me and this block was blown out of my system. Since then I have had nothing but success stories from my clients, or perhaps it is that I am able to hear them and not magnify the not so good. Thank you for your contribution to this shift."
Sandra Newland - Brisbane.
"Thank you John for your book. I found it easy and enjoyable to read while being full of interesting and thought provoking information. It was good to read at home as I was able to reflect on each chapter before continuing on to the next one. The Impala story was the one that really spoke to me. I highly recommend the book to anyone searching for answers to why they are sick. "
Cathy Scully - Brisbane.
"Hey John, Thanks for writing down in a very very funny way, stuff that I have read about in lots of different books put together in one silly, funny, practical, easy to read book. Loved the blacmange example - laughed for ages with the mental picture."
Lyndal Thomas, Yoga Teacher, Bowen Therapist, Brisbane.
"I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your book. It brings with it all the inspiration and hope I felt at your workshop. I can hear your voice as I read and it gives me great permission to be myself and know that that is enough. Thanks for writing it. To me this is a liberating way to look at illness, physical or psychological, that allows people see their part without overburdening them with responsibility."
Patricia Banks M.A. Psychosynthesis Therapist, Dublin.
"It's rare that a book enters the arena of 'Health' and kicks arse in such a gentle, purposeful and original way. This is just such a book. The many years John Dalton has spent practising the art of healing have given him an entirely unique and ultimately helpful perspective on the causes of our illness and our health.
For anyone caught up in the whirligig of 21st Century living, or the desert of current medical understanding, this work is a refreshing, even joyous, oasis."
Chris Bray, Author, Brisbane.

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John Dalton
Paperback | 164 pages
129 x 198 x 9mm | 168g
Publication date
02 Aug 2011
Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
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North Charleston SC, United States
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