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Ww2 History : The Events That Defined World War II

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The Events that will Live on in Infamy

The World Wars contained mistakes and lessons that few will ever forget. From the surprise attacks to the lives lost, they consumed whole nations. World War II was no exception. One of the best ways to learn about an event is to speak with someone who has lived through it. In these pages you will find just that. Stories from those that lived through the horrors and dangers of war.

The one thing that all those in war areas know is that not only soldiers are witnesses to the hell that war brings. At times civilians are caught in the mix. The stories contained in this book are not only from the perspective of the soldiers or sailors that fought, but also those caught in the cross fire.

From the heart of China to the island state of Hawaii, these stories encompass not only the history of the nations but also the history of the people. This book includes personal stories that range from tragic to fascinating.
Here's just a few things you'll learn about: - The Japanese occupation of China - A firsthand account of Pearl Harbor - What happened when Hitler went to Paris - Churchill's thoughts on the famous "Peace in our time" speech
p>WW2: The Events that Defined the War will take you through a side of history that some novice historians may be unaware of and put you in a front row seat to some of the pivotal events of World War II.
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Alex Hayes
Paperback | 52 pages
152 x 229 x 3mm | 82g
Publication date
23 Aug 2016
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